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Promotion of employment in RAY-assisted organisations

The report examines the operations of organisations who have received aid from Slot Macgine Association for the promotion of employment and maps them in various ways from different perspectives.

The key observations from the examination work and recommendations for the development of funding operations at RAY have been compiled into the report.

Promoting employment as an individual theme or entity has not traditionally been the focal point of RAY’s funding operations. The consequences of the recession in the beginning of the 1990s posed new challenges to the funding operations of RAY and those challenges are still very topical. Examples include long-term unemployment, mental health problems, substance abuse, increased need for child protection, and marginalisation. “Marginalisation” as a term is not used consistently, but generally speaking, it refers to being excluded from social activities.

Marginalisation also often includes social, financial and health-related inequality. A number of studies and reports have shown that gainful employment is one of the most significant forms of taking part in social activities in Finnish society.


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