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Labour Market

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The shift in international division of labour and the digital and technological development will strongly change the Finnish labour market. The good functionality of the labour market plays a key part in this change.

The ongoing shift of the economic structure and the labour market creates new types of jobs and professions. The new professions are related to tasks requiring creativity, new ideas and interaction with people. New professions are also being created in education, entertainment and the production of experiences. A downside to the shift is that some of the people may find themselves outside the labour market after a certain point in the development. To prevent this, it is important to ensure that everyone has sufficient training and skills.

Shifting work away from Finland has mostly occurred in industry but it is also increasingly taking place in the service sector. Dispersing the work into global value chains makes changes more unpredictable. Individual work tasks can more and more be carried out anywhere in the world.

Even though full-time wage labour remains the dominant form of employment, self employment, freelance work and work carried out online is heavily increasing. This poses great challenges to the rules and legislation of the current labour market. On the other hand, the generation transferring into the working life has very traditional views on work and they expect their jobs to offer them security and stability.

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